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Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a gentle and relaxing massage technique that uses long, flowing strokes to promote overall relaxation, ease muscle tension, and improve circulation. It aims to release stress and tension while providing a sense of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Thai massage

Thai massage is an invigorating and energizing massage style that combines acupressure, stretching, and deep tissue techniques. It aims to release blocked energy, improve flexibility, and promote a sense of balance and harmony within the body.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a targeted massage technique designed to enhance athletic performance, aid in injury prevention, and promote faster recovery. It involves deep tissue manipulation, stretching, and specific techniques to alleviate muscle tension, reduce soreness, and improve flexibility.

Balinese massage

Balinese massage is a traditional Indonesian massage technique that combines gentle stretches, deep tissue work, and acupressure to promote relaxation and harmony within the body. It focuses on balancing the flow of energy, relieving muscle tension, and restoring overall well-being.

Hot Stone massage

Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage technique that utilizes smooth, heated stones. The warm stones are placed on specific areas of the body to melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and promote a profound sense of relaxation.

Aroma Balm Massage

Aroma Balm Massage combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the soothing properties of aromatic essential oils. This rejuvenating treatment promotes relaxation, relieves muscle tension, and enhances overall well-being, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Candle Oil massage

As the candle wax melts, it releases a fragrant blend of essential oils, creating a calming ambiance and enhancing the massage experience. This indulgent treatment helps to nourish the skin, alleviate tension, and promote relaxation, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and deeply pampered.

Head Massage & Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a holistic healing technique based on the principle that specific areas of the feet correspond to different organs and systems within the body. By applying pressure to these reflex points, reflexology aims to promote relaxation, alleviate stress.

Couples Massage

Couples massage is a shared experience of relaxation and connection. Two individuals receive simultaneous massages side by side in a tranquil setting. It’s a perfect opportunity to unwind together, rejuvenate your bodies, and bond in a soothing ambiance.

Facial Massage

Facial massage is a rejuvenating and relaxing treatment that involves gentle manipulation of the facial muscles and skin. It helps to improve blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and reduce tension, leaving the skin looking radiant and refreshed.


Friendly Service

We’re experts at what we do. But knowing the best techniques is only part of the process, we’re also here to make you feel great.your happiness is of utmost importance!

Relaxing Environment

From the moment you walk in the door, our focus is on your complete relaxation. From massage to salt scrubs, our services are a great way to take a step back from the bustle of everyday life. Come take a break with us.

High-Quality Products

Many people underestimate the effect high-quality lotions and oils have on a spa treatment. We guarantee our all-natural products help you with that extra feeling of zen. If you fall in love, anything is available for purchase!

Pamper Yourself, Because You Deserve It.

Refresh, Recharge, Reconnect with Yourself



Our Clients Say

Zeerak Z
Zeerak Z
Very good massage at affordable rates
Denisse Buen
Denisse Buen
The place is basic but the massage was beyond my expectation. Aywa was very friendly, knowledgeable and treated me in a very comforting way. I trusted her and she released all the nots and tensions in my body. Really recommend her for a sport massage. Will definitely go back
Mahmoud Musa
Mahmoud Musa
Me and my wife went for 90 minutes Thai massage The receptionist was very friendly and helpful, we had Lisa and Wendy, they were very professional and extremely friendly.
Aizada Kaldybaeva
Aizada Kaldybaeva
Ms Aiva came in to do 5 min head massage, and was able to discover my pain areas, by just touching my neck She informed me that I got neck pain that prolonged till my back, feel so much better now Thank you 🙏🏼 Rest of the team were very pleasant and comforting
Dániel Farkas
Dániel Farkas
It was a wonderful experience, the staff was kind, and the massage was very relaxing! Highly recommend!
Ivy Nduta
Ivy Nduta
I had a good and professional experience with Lady Aiwa. Thanks
aditi agarwal
aditi agarwal
The massage is very very good. After 90 mins I felt blissful. The therapist Aiva removed all the knots in my neck and back.
Rosemarie Ofilan
Rosemarie Ofilan
awesome AIWA 🙂 very good massageee. thank you lovely!
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